Disrupt the routine

REGYMEN workouts are designed with excitement and variety to prevent burnout from the same old cardio routine. Using heart-rate training technology, you'll work through high intensity intervals and challenge your body, focusing on  different areas for muscle gain, calorie burn, flexibility, and agility. By monitoring your heart rate during your training, you’re guaranteed to reach new levels of fitness. The ultimate goal is to produce an incredible post-exercise "afterburn effect" meaning more calories are burned for up to 36 hours following your workout.

Who is REGYMEN designed for?


REGYMEN programs are for all fitness levels. Sessions provide the right intensity to take your fitness to the “next level.” Because your workout is guided by your heart rate, your session will be tailored to your individual fitness level. And, you have the support and attention of a trainer to help you reach your goals.

Where is REGYMEN offered?


REGYMEN Burn is currently offered at:

Blocker Norfolk Family YMCA

YMCA at Edinburgh

YMCA at Town Center


REGYMEN Box is currently offered at:

YMCA at Town Center

What does it cost to participate?


Unlimited Workouts
(Y members only)


Drop-In Workouts
$16 (discounted Y member rate)
$22 (regular rate, open to all)