High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) alternates short, high intensity intervals of cardio exercise with longer, lower slower intervals (including muscle conditioning moves) to recover.


Boot Camp

This exercise class challenges the body with a variety of cardio and strength training techniques. Calisthenic movement exercises rhythmically strengthen the body as you challenge yourself with a combination of your own body weight and equipment. Varieties of Boot Camp include Starter, Low Impact and Traditional. SEE THE SCHEDULE.

Functional Fitness

This 30-minute class utilizes kettle bells, pull up bars, TRX, gymnastics rings, DynaMax balls, rowing machine and more. Functional Fitness is designed to be a simple approach, encompassing strength, speed, endurance, and agility.


High Intensity Interval Training enhances athletic capacity and fat burning with bursts of high-energy exercise followed by active recovery to improve endurance and build strength. Classes include cardiovascular and strength exercises and are a great way to challenge yourself. SEE THE SCHEDULE.


This dynamic functional workout uses kettlebells to perform full body movements that develop muscle power, endurance and strength while elevating the heart rate in a fun group environment. Most Kettlebell classes only take 30 minutes of your day and include variations such as Kettlebell Cardio, Core, Resistance and Kettleworx®. Exercising with a kettlebell can burn up to 20 calories a minute and increase core strength by 70%!


Tabata training is an advanced, intense interval workout alternating cardio and strength segments with brief periods of rest for improved aerobic and muscular endurance.  SEE THE SCHEDULE.